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Linda Luccketta

Linda Luccketta

Founder and Life Coach

Our purpose is to bring people together through our passion to create an organization that will provide well educated and sound information on whole wellness through awareness of what we are through our 4 part harmony and what we can do today to stay balanced and discover the way to become joyous and live an enriched life.

This wonderful journey that we call life has been created to be lived abundantly.  Through our circumstances and choices we can alter this predestined gift of life. It does not slip away from us rather we do not take hold of its value or truth. We allow deception to rob us of our inhertiance. It’s not what we do that makes us valued but who we are. When we realize who we are then the things we do have purpose and meaning. Past, present and future occurances are balancing our souls to live trusting that all things are working for our greater good. Our choices must be filled with deliberate actions towards protecting our four (4) part harmony of life.

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Assess your past circumstances and life choices that have not served your overall health and happiness. Healing and restoring is real, achievable. What needs to change for your highest good, for creating a joyful vibrant healthy life? First clue…cleansing is foundational and essential for vibrant health.  What would you like your future to be, look and feel like?  Imagine It! 


Harmony both in music and lifestyle must flow from through true natures gift. Her naturally renewing abundance in order to create a beautiful sound. When the four parts of harmony are working as one the journey is illuminating.


Knowledge and health information is key to our four part harmony growth in wellness. Applying this knowledge is essential. This journey of learning, discoverying, then daily implementing is a must.  We can never learn everything in a lifetime, nor know all, yet in a lifetime we have a perpetual means of continual learning. 

Finally found a place to treating my illness instead of treating the symptoms.

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