One may ask, “Where is God?” God is a breath within, inseparable from us. We are formed in God’s likeness, both male and female created in the image of the divine. This profound truth is crucial for our connection with the Creator. We were intentionally and wonderfully made, setting aside any misconceptions of unworthiness. Embrace the identity you were created with – one of great worthiness. Let go of doubts and fears, and assume a new identity that endures through misconceptions. The truth, which brings freedom, should guide our mindsets amidst life’s trials and tribulations. By understanding our true identity, instead of the falsehoods taught in society, we can capture every thought with the mind of Christ.

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Assess your past circumstances and life choices that have not served your overall health and happiness. Healing and restoring is real, achievable. What needs to change for your highest good, for creating a joyful vibrant healthy life? First clue…cleansing is foundational and essential for vibrant health.  What would you like your future to be, look and feel like?  Imagine It! 


Harmony both in music and lifestyle must flow from through true natures gift. her naturally renewing abundance in order to create a beautiful sound. When the four parts of harmony are working as one the journey is illuminating.


Knowledge and health information is key to our four part harmony growth in wellness. Applying this knowledge is essential. This journey of learning, discoverying, then daily implementing is a must.  We can never learn everything in a lifetime, nor know all, yet in a lifetime we have a perpetual means of continual learning. 

Finally found a place to treating my illness instead of treating the symptoms.

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